Hello, and welcome to my digital showcase/journal.

This is where I will be posting ideas that I have, ongoing projects, completed projects and of course the projects that never actually got round to being finished. Solidworks tutorials are also a very likely suspect for making their way here eventually.

I am 27 years old and in my third year of studying to become an engineering technician in Eindhoven. Before I started studying I had never worked with any sort of 3D CAD/CAM software and to be honest, the first lesson I ever had was a disaster. I missed one of the very first steps and spent the next two hours failing miserably to catch up.

This prompted me to ask my teacher for a student license of Solidworks immediately and for two weeks after that I spent just about every free minute I had following tutorials and just trying any- and everything I could think of.

I'm no expert yet by all means but working with the software has captivated me and is now by far the most enjoyable part of my education.

In addition to the content mentioned above I will also probably be adding content relating to my unofficial other career, which is being "The Computer Guy". Think of things like the infamous helpdesk stories, moments and videos from pc gaming, hard- and software reviews and perhaps an account of my struggle to learn how to code.